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CHA.HIV. Testing and Counseling

HIV Testing and Counseling

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HIV testing is a critical entry point to life-sustaining health care services for people living with HIV. Service delivery models need to be expanded to include routine testing in antenatal care, at sexually transmitted infection clinics in-patient facilities, and other sites.

PAHO develops normative guidance for use by policy-makers and program managers and provides support for governments and national stakeholders in developing and implementing HIV testing and counseling services. In the case of pregnant women, PAHO promotes an integrated approach to HIV and syphilis testing and counseling in the context of antenatal, sexual and reproductive, family and HIV services.


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Guidelines for the Implementation of Reliable and Efficient Diagnostic HIV Testing (2008)

Know Your Status Initiative
A Series of Tools Aimed at Increasing the Demand for HIV Testing and Counseling Services (2006)

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