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Rubella Watch

Rubella Watch is an electronic publication disseminated every two months by the Immunization Unit of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO). Rubella Watch is a supplement to the Immunization Newsletter published by PAHO. The purpose is to provide you with the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the rubella and congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) elimination initiative currently underway in the Americas.

The goal: eliminate rubella and CRS in the Region by 2010!

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Rubella Watch, January-April 2011 Rubella Watch, January-April 2011

National Commissions Committed to Finalizing the Verification of Measles, Rubella, and CRS Elimination in the Americas for 2012; PAHO Urges Travelers to the Americas to be Vaccinated against Measles and Rubella; Measles Outbreaks in Europe Continue; Measles Genotype G3 Virus Circulating in Outbreaks in Europe; Measles and Rubella Follow-up Campaigns in Costa Rica and Peru

Rubella Watch, June-July 2010 Rubella Watch, June-July 2010

Global experts affirm that “measles can and should be eradicated by 2020.”; Meeting of the International Technical Team to Review Data on the Last Rubella and CRS Cases in Brazil; 146th Session of the Executive Committee: Presentation on Progress of Rubella and CRS Elimination; Working Group for the Documentation of Elimination in the English-speaking Caribbean; Overview of the XX Meeting of Central America, Mexico and the Latin Caribbean on VPDs

Rubella Watch, March-May 2010 Rubella Watch, March-May 2010

PAHO Alerts Countries to the Risks of Importations in the Context of the 2010 World Cup; Sharing Experiences in Measles, Rubella, and CRS Elimination; Formation of the International Expert Committee to Verify Measles, Rubella, and CRS Elimination in Americas National Measles and Rubella Supplementary Immunization Activity in Colombia 2010; Special Recognition of Rubella Watch

Rubella Watch, January-February 2010 Rubella Watch, January-February 2010

First Anniversary of the Interruption of Endemic Rubella Virus Transmission in the Americas!; Post Disaster Vaccination Response and Surveillance of Vaccine-preventable Diseases in Haiti; Status of National Commissions to Document and Verify Measles, Rubella, and CRS Elimination; Maintaining Measles and Rubella Elimination: Follow-up Campaigns in 2010; TCC Sets the Stage for a Bi-national Launching between French Guiana and Suriname for Vaccination Week in the Americas; Workshop for the Implementation of the ESAVI Surveillance System for the H1N1 Vaccine

Rubella Watch, March-April 2009 Rubella Watch, March-April 2009

Call to Measles-Rubella Surveillance Networks to Strengthen Influenza A(H1N1); President Lugo Chairs Launching of Measles-Rubella Campaign in El Chaco, South America; Argentina Makes Every Effort to Eliminate Rubella and CRS: Complementary Campaign in "Machos" aged 16 to 39 Years; City of Buenos Aires Initiates Complementary Rubella Vaccination Campaign; Measles Virus Importations: A Constant Fight for the Americas; South American TCC Meeting: South American Borders Measles- and Rubella-Free; Reasons for Vaccination in Border Areas

Rubella Watch, January-February 2009 Rubella Watch, January-February 2009

"Brazil Rubella-free"; The Importance of Strengthening the Role of the Private Sector in Measles and Rubella Surveillance; Use of Rapid Coverage Monitoring in the Follow-up Campaign in Paraguay; Follow-up of International Contacts: Beyond the Borders of the Americas; Measles in Argentina and Chile: Virus Importations from Europe
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