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 Resolution CD47-13

Name:Resolution CD47-13
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CD47-13 Health of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

This document lays out PAHO’s strategy to promote indigenous health over a period of five years. Four strategic lines of action are proposed: (a) To ensure incorporation of indigenous perspectives into the attainment of the MDGs and national health policies; (b) To improve information and knowledge management on indigenous health issues to strengthen regional and national evidence-based decision-making and monitoring capacities; (c) To integrate the intercultural approach into the national health systems of the Region as part of the primary health care strategy; and (d) To develop strategic alliances with indigenous peoples and other key stakeholders to further advance the health of the indigenous peoples.


  • Current Situation
  • History, Process, and Main Results of PAHO Activities
  • Evaluation of the Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative
  • Proposed Strategic Lines of Action
  • Organizational and Financial Implications
  • Key Issues for Deliberation
  • Action by the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee examined the report and adopted Resolution CE138.R18 for the consideration of the Directing Council.

Adopted by the 47th Directing Council in the 58th Session of the Regional Committee.
Washington, D.C., USA, 25-29 September 2006

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