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 Resolution CD40.R6

Name:Resolution CD40.R6
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 CD40.R6 Health of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Adopted at the eighth plenary session, 25 September 1997


1. To take note of the report on progress in the implementation of Resolution CD37.R5, to reaffirm the commitment to the goals of the Decade of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples, and to approve the activities proposed in Document CD40/14.
2. To urge the Member States, in the process of the implementation of health sector reform, to be persistent in efforts to detect, monitor and reverse inequities in health status and access to basic health services for vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples.
3. To call to the attention of Member States that renewal of the goal of health for all requires that sustainable solutions are found to address the economic, geographic, and cultural barriers to adequate care for vulnerable groups.
4. To request the Director to continue his efforts to implement the Health of Indigenous Peoples Initiative.

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