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2013-08-07 05:00:00

PAHO Research Promotion and Development

Welcome to PAHO Research Promotion and Development, the gateway to current information on research for health serving policy-makers, health-care providers, the general public and anyone interested in using research to advance public health, equity and development.

Our program focuses on the strengthening of research for health through the dissemination and translation of knowledge, the promotion of research governance, and the monitoring of ethics and standards within research practices.  Our research portal draws together information gathered from the region on these key areas of interest.

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New Caribbean Campaign Uses Cell Phones, Social Media to Fight Chronic Diseases

2011-03-18 13:27:27

People throughout the Caribbean will soon be receiving text messages with tips on how to be healthier and prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Through social networks, they’ll also be able to share their personal stories and ideas about healthy living, thanks to a campaign launched by the Healthy Caribbean Coalition.
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Advocacy and Social Communication

2010-07-12 16:11:50

It is important for developing countries to invest in adolescents, both to prevent the negative consequences of potential risky behavior and to promote healthy growth, modern skills, and the capacity to participate in the society of the future. The most effective way to make such investments is to think and act holistically and from a preventive and developmental outlook.

The mass media and new technologies have a significant impact on the health of adolescents and youth.  It is essential to work with mass media to promote a positive image of adolescents and youth and to incorporate new technologies in health promotion. 

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Adolescents - Welcome

2010-07-12 10:43:47

Young people are a sizable age group, comprising approximately 30% of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean. Adolescents are generally considered to be a “healthy” segment of the population, and their health needs are often overlooked. However, investing in health and education for young people and the alignment of economic policies enable productivity and economic growth. Furthermore, investment in young people’s health is essential to protect investments made in childhood (e.g. significant investments in vaccines and food programs) and secures the health of the future adult population. Most habits detrimental to health are acquired during adolescence and youth and manifest themselves as health problems in adulthood (e.g. lung cancer caused by the consumption of tobacco), adding an avoidable financial burden to the health systems.

PAHO’s technical cooperation is summarized in the Adolescent and Youth Regional Strategy and Plan of Action.

Another document of interest from the 2011 World Health Assembly is available here: Youth and Health Risks

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