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PAHO and ACTO Discuss Issues to Strengthen Cooperation in Health in Countries of the Amazon

2012-06-12 12:19:59

A delegation of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) presented on June 11 its strategic agenda at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)...

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Minister of Health of Costa Rica spoke about the health situation of her country at PAHO Headquarters

2012-05-08 15:36:54

The Minister of Health of Costa Rica, Dr. Daisy Maria Corrales, explained the main achievements in health that Costa Rica has achieved, as well as the remaining challenges, particularly the inequities and disparities that...

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Dr. Roses Opens PAHO/ WHO Subregional Managers Meeting in Nicaragua

2012-02-21 22:43:21

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan American Health Organization and chairperson of this subregional Managers Meeting in Nicaragua, thanked the Nicaraguan people for their famous generosity and hospitality in hosting the meeting, which takes place every year.

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IV Ibero-American Summit of Family Medicine has began

2011-11-16 09:00:00

On November 15, in Asuncion, Paraguay began the IV Ibero-American Summit of Family Medicine, with the aim of bringing together experts in Primary Health in the region and the world, to discuss various issues related to Primary Health Care (PHC).

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