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Salt Fortification

2010-10-28 10:54:41

Members: Omar Dary (leader), Rubén Grajeda, Mary L'Abbé, Marcelo Tavella, Ana Beatriz Vasconcellos


The Salt Fortification team is a working subgroup of the PAHO/WHO Regional Expert Group on Cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction that serves as the primary source for evidence-based policies. The subgroup was established during the launch of the Initiative on 9-12 September 2009, at the PAHO HQ, Washington, D.C.

The following 6- and 10- months markers were set by the group:

At 6 Months:

        • Contact and coordinate with UNICEF about iodine fortification programs

At 10 Months:

        • Prepare options regarding salt fortification for the WHO conference on fortification


Meeting on March 31, 2011: Improving Public Health through Optimal Intake of Iodine and Sodium


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First Meeting of the Expert Group on CVD Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction

2009-10-29 01:53:20

less salt, less risk

The first PAHO Expert Group (EG) Meeting on population-level dietary salt reduction in the Americas  was held at the PAHO Headquarters in Washington, DC, on 9-10 September 2009. The general objective was to explore various aspects of cardiovascular disease prevention through dietary salt reduction to the extent of their practicality.

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Pan American Alliance for Nutrition and Development

2009-06-08 16:21:16

The Alliance is an interagency institutional initiative that will facilitate the coordination of international cooperation efforts and resources to promote, agree on, implement, monitor, and evaluate effective evidence-based multisectoral interprogrammatic interventions that recognize the multiple causes with a multicausal approach to malnutrition. It will provide an opportunity for planning on the basis of lessons learned and current country activities. It is not intended to compete with, much less eliminate, replace, or disregard other initiatives such as the Interagency Strategic Consensus for the Reduction of Neonatal Morbidity in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Regional Interagency Task Force for the Reduction of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, the Alliance for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health, the Faces, Voices, and Places Initiative, the Latin America and the Caribbean without Hunger Initiative, or the Towards the Eradication of Child Undernutrition Initiative, but rather, to reinforce or improve them, providing a useful framework for integrating and consolidating efforts, together with some complementary conceptual and strategic values.

Electronic Resource Library

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2009-06-05 10:39:27

 Compuestos de hierro para la fortificación de alimentos: Guías para ALC





 Fortificación de harinas con hierro, ácido fólico y B12: Informe de la reunión Regional 2003





 Código de prácticas para la fabricación de premezclas alimenticias (2005)





 Visión Integrada de la Suplementación con Vitamina A en las Américas (2001)





 La prevención de los defectos del tubo neural con ácido fólico

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