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Policy and Advocacy

2012-12-31 00:00:00

The policy line of action in the Regional Strategy for Chronic Diseases encourages and provides technical cooperation for the establishment of sound and explicit public policies that support better health status and a life free of chronic disease-related disability, in initiatives taken to establish public health policies based on key WHO resolutions and recommendations that will address the broad social, economic, and political determinants of health.

Advocacy will be utilized to advance policy and institutional changes that will support chronic disease programs. It will emphasize the key role of governmental functions and empower the health sector to engage other sectors in collaborative actions to ensure that chronic disease issues are collectively addressed.

Health promotion and advocacy are one of the main thrusts of the policy line of action. This involves IEC campaigns (information/education/communication) to help people and health professionals become more aware of health issues. It also means raising awareness among not only the general public but policy-makers as well, as well as capacity-building and intersectorial (public, private, civil society) collaboration.


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Integrated Disease Management

2012-08-23 11:42:11

Integrated Disease Management

altComprehensive integrated care, self-care, patient support and education, training for healthcare workers to improve the quality of care: This team works to facilitate and support the strengthening of the capacity and competencies of the health system for the integrated management of chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCDs) and their risk factors. These functions are among the core elements of the CARMEN Network and the Regional Strategy for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. The team follows the Chronic Care Model, as described below. Also click below for a list of relevant documentation and resolutions.

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Obesity: Complex Problem Needing an All-of-Society Approach

2011-10-25 20:13:37

Overweight and obesity are growing problems in the Americas that have multiple causes and that demand action across sectors, not just health, said PAHO Deputy Director Dr. Jon Andrus at a forum on “Obesity: Scientific, Lifestyle, and Policy Approaches,” hosted by the Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C.

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Preventing obesity requires interventions throughout the life course and across sectors

2011-06-15 16:14:55

To be effective, obesity prevention efforts must focus on the entire life course, from the prenatal environment into adulthood, and must involve other sectors besides health, experts said today during the annual meeting of the Global Health Council in Washington, D.C.

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