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The Italica project is an initiative of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires designed to help improve care, education, research, administration, and management processes within the hospital’s network. The project provides health professionals, leaders, and administrators with information about patients and the system to improve the evidence-based decision-making process.

Italica is a health information system designed and implemented by the Health Information Department at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. It includes all systems that facilitate information management based on components that provide web services. Built on standards to facilitate interoperability, Italica addresses the various care, academic, administrative, and management functions of the Hospital Italiano in a way that is transparent to the user.

This project seeks to break with the historical model of separate information systems for hospital administrators and health care providers. The idea is that each piece of data should be captured at the site where it is generated and should be available to other users. 

Over the past 15 years, the Hospital Italiano has completely revamped its service delivery network with a view to striking a harmonious balance among quality outcome delivery, cost management, and capacity building to meet the population’s needs in an equitable and timely manner.

The Italica project, strategies for developing professional competencies, a policy for continuity and coordination of care in the network, the decentralization and redesign of its physical plant, and major investment in advanced medical equipment are part of the redesign of the Hospital Italiano, aimed at contributing to the achievement of the established objectives.

For more information about the project (in Spanish), visit here.

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