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Women’s and children’s health is a global concern, demonstrated most recently by the publication of the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health and the creation of the United Nations Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health (COIA). eHealth, the use of information and communication technology for health, can offer innovative and cost-effective ways to improve the health of women and children.

This new and specialised survey responds directly to the recommendations set out by COIA. It will be the first systematic assessment of its kind, and as such will provide much needed insight into the progress of Member States in meeting COIA’s recommendations, and will inform actions going forward. Of particular significance to the survey is Recommendation 3 on “innovation” which statesby 2015, all countries have integrated the use of Information and Communication Technologies in their national health information systems and health infrastructure."

This recommendation is both broad and ambitious. The way the survey deals with it is by breaking the subject down into its many component parts and reviewing their progress. This means that the scope of the survey is broad and includes a number of inter-related themes such as review of policy, infrastructure, funding, human resources, and more.

The survey will be conducted in the 75 COIA priority countries and will produce two reports for the Commission:

  • An atlas of all COIA countries detailing their individual eHealth country profile as they relate to women’s and children’s health as of 2013;
  • A comprehensive report and analysis including case studies from selected countries and based on the data collected.
Once launched in March 2013, countries will have 4 weeks to complete the survey instrument. Coordination of the work will be by WHO country and regional offices with support from the Global Observatory for eHealth at WHO headquarters.
This information was provided by Misha Kay, Manager of the Global Observatory for eHealth in WHO.


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