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Participants of the Project “eHealth Conversations” contribute to the publication

Washington, D.C., 12 February 2013 (PAHO/WHO).– A publication directed to decision makers offers strategic information on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for health in the Americas. The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) will publish the issue electronically this year.

The publication presents a situation analysis and recommendations for the implementation of eHealth initiatives. Within the strategic information offered, the piece will highlight the specialized networks and national and international experts, recommended readings, and successful experiences in eHealth.  The electronic version will also feature the conclusions of the project in slides format, interviews with the authors of the publications, and some of the conversations held through Twitter under the hashtag #ehealthtalks.

The eBook is a product of the PAHO/WHO project titled “eHealth Conversations: Information management, dialogue and knowledge exchange to approach universal access to health". Among the participants in the project were some of the stakeholders, networks and experts in eHealth, who contributed through virtual dialogues knowledge and reflections on the present and future of eHealth.

The publication is based on the topics of the virtual dialogues and on the components of the Strategy and Plan of Action on eHealth for the Americas; among others, infrastructure, information systems, telemedicine, access to information, policies, education, patient safety, electronic medical records, interoperability standards, legal issues, relationship with eGovernment projects and initiatives, and eHealth management.

The project “eHealth Conversations”, supported by the Spanish Cooperation, represents a breakthrough for the regional strategy on eHealth, as it seeks to implement a regional mechanism, through free and fair access to information and knowledge sharing, to ensure the convergence of local, national and regional initiatives related to the development, adoption and implementation of ICTs for public health.

This project also aimed to: build a network specialized in eHealth; facilitate national institutions with access to evidence-based information and certified experts on specific issues that can strengthen decision making; strengthen individual and collective capacities of health workers and institutions, and connect them in a network of eHealth networks; and strengthen the PAHO/WHO eHealth program.

For more information on the eHealth Conversations, please contact Marcelo D'Agostino, dagostim

The publication will be available in electronic format this year.






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