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Dr. Mirta Roses

Upon assuming the position of Director of PAHO, in January 2003, I remarked that this century would be one of networks, connectivity and interdependence;  and that this will allow us to overcome the barriers of time and space, opening possibilities that we never imagine in order to improve the living conditions of our people.  

The rapid deepening of this phenomenon, as one can see in the social networks, profoundly benefits the public health community.  Indeed, in essence public health is a social network that articulates the actions of millions of individuals in order to create public goods, a network of social protection that covers every person.  

Accordingly, in public health it is a must to keep up to date with all the developments related to the massive exchange of information and knowledge.   It is necessary to maximize the utilization of all technological tools in order to deepen the contact with the audiences.  

Hence, we have worked intensely over the years in promoting and developing initiatives of Knowledge Management that use the information and communication technologies to multiply the possibilities of connectivity and cooperation among people and institutions linked to Public Health.  

In that sense, it makes us proud to launch this site, “ICT4Health”, as a door of access and a space of regional and international convergence of experiences and initiatives of eHealth, and as a service for the public health community and the society in general.  

The goal of this new space is to strengthen and improve Public Health in the region of the Americas through the use of methodologies and information and communication technologies.   To achieve this goal demands active participation.   The interaction with the users will add value to the public health contents.

That is why we have coupled unique information sources from the UN with regard to eHealth  as well as interviews with experts that hold key positions in this field (in the Resource tab);  we have also included interactive mechanisms, as the form for the gathering and later dissemination of best practices in eHealth in the Region.  

We invite you to discuss and think in network, to share experiences, projects, and lessons learned so that, among all, we can advance toward a regional digital agenda of eHealth that strengthens the achievement of the goals of the Health Agenda of the Americas and our superior objective to achieve Health for All.  

Welcome and many thanks! 

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