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What are its main activities?
In recent years it has devoted itself to several main lines:
First, seeking to grow the number and the representativeness of the National Societies. Thus, Argentina took a new and greater vitality, at the same time the InfoLAC 2008 Regional Congress was held,  with delegates from every continent, not only from our whole region; the societies for Venezuela and Chile were created, as was that of Mexico, which once again became part of the region after 10 years of inactivity. As well as Brazil, Cuba, and Uruguay. Part of this growth has to do with the network of leaders from the countries, with whom we worked on a permanent basis, and whom we sought to integrate into the various national and international scientific activities.
Secondly, two principal lines of work were promoted: education in Health informatics and the adoption of standards for Health Information Systems. The region is growing rapidly along both lines, partly through the work of national societies and of the Federation, in cooperation with other associations, such as the HL7 chapters in each country.
At present, the Federation is devoted to achieving a greater institutionalism, through its own statutes, beyond the strong bond that unites it with its parent federation, the IMIA, and through the replacement of its authorities, seeking a continuation and a deepening of these lines of work.
How do you see the role of PAHO as a catalyst for information and eHealth initiatives in the Region of the Americas?
PAHO fulfills a very important function in the region, as a Supranational Institution of great importance to the policies and programs of the governments. Thus IMIA-LAC sees with joy the revitalization of this topic, health informatics, within PAHO, and awaits the invitation to collaborate on projects in common.


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