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eSAC Project

Exchange of Ideas and Experiences: The Use of Technology for Gender Equity in Public Health

The use of the Internet, social networks and mobile phones for gender equity interventions in public health was the theme of an event organized by the  eSAC Project, held on November 28, 2013. The virtual meeting was the second in a series that seeks to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for equity in public health in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Gender Equity in Public Health, a Major Challenge for ICTs in the Region

Editorial by Gladys Faba and Báltica Cabieses

The appearance and rapid development of multiple ICTs have shaped the way in which communities think of, and relate to, each other. The potential and realized contribution of ICTs to improve population health and wellbeing has not found its boundary yet. A relevant matter when we relate ICTs to healthcare is gender equity.


Regional Innovation Competition Calls for Proposals on the Use of Information Technology to Improve Public Health

The Public eHealth Innovation and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean (eSAC) project invites researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Region to submit innovative information and communication technologies based solutions to problems and challenges in public health.


The eSAC Project Launches its Website and Innovation Contest

The Public eHealth, Innovation and Equity (eSAC) project, which contributes to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of marginalized population groups in Latin America and the Caribbean through the application of eHealth solutions, officially launched its new website on 6 September 2012.


Public eHealth Innovation & Equity In Latin America & the Caribbean

About the Project

eSAC is a project jointly developed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the University of Toronto and the Pan American Health Organization to contribute to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of marginalized population groups in the LAC region, through the application of Public eHealth solutions.

Public eHealth is an inclusive term that encompasses all of the possible applications of ICTs to public health, from the traditional ones, such as management information systems, databases, and data sharing networks, which are usually classified under the term public health informatics, to more recent and innovative applications supported by Web 2.0 solutions. ICTs can support solutions related to all different aspects of public health, including: epidemiological surveillance; health promotion and disease prevention; environmental health; social epidemiology; behavioural health; occupational health; disaster preparedness and relief; quality assurance; the support of intersectoral partnerships for health; human resources training and management; and research and development activities.



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