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1   Link   Epi Info
Epi Info is public domain statistical software for epidemiology developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Source: Wikipedia
2   Link   EpiSPIDER
EpiSPIDER Geographic information systems for emerging diseases

Source: Wikipedia
3   Link   Electronic Support for Public Health
Electronic Support for Public Health ESP is an Open Source ambulatory care electronic medical record based notifiable disease case reporting, syndromic surveillance and vaccine adverse event surveillance.

Source: Wikipedia
4   Link   Eureka Workshifts
Eureka Workshifts is an application useful to manage nurse shifts. Currently used within an hospital. Distributed under GPL licence.

Source: Wikipedia
5   Link   iDART
iDART Open Source Pharmacy dispensing and stock control system

Source: Wikipedia
6   Link   influsim
influsim Influenza Pandemic simulator

Source: Wikipedia
7   Link   OpenELIS
OpenELIS Open Source Enterprise Laboratory Information System

Source: Wikipedia
8   Link   Bika LIMS
Bika LIMS Open Source Laboratory Information System

Source: Wikipedia
9   Link   OpenEMed
OpenEMed Biosurveillance and clinical data repository based on web services. Offers solid interoperability and federation of clinical data.

Source: Wikipedia
10   Link   RODS Real
RODS Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) is Open Source public health surveillance software. RODS collects and analyzes disease surveillance data in real time and has been in development since 1999 by the RODS Laboratory—a collaboration of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University

Source: Wikipedia
11   Link   Sispread
Sispread Epidemic simulation

Source: Wikipedia
12   Link   TriSano
TriSano® is an open source, citizen-centric surveillance and outbreak management application for infectious disease, environmental hazards, and bioterrorism attacks. It allows local, state and federal entities to track, control and ultimately prevent illness and death.

Source: Wikipedia
13   Link   Zyxware
Zyxware Health Monitoring System Real-time Monitoring of communicable diseases and presentation of the information on a map. This is a GNU GPL software written in PHP/MySQL and uses the Google Maps API to track occurrences of diseases in a geographical region. The software is developed and maintained by Zyxware Technologies

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia
14   Link   CHITS
CHITS Community Health Information Tracking System - EHR for public health community centres in developing countries

Source: Wikipedia
15   Link   ClearHealth
ClearHealth Clearhealth - Flexible and standards compliant EMR/EHR

Source: Wikipedia
16   Link   elementalClinic
elementalClinic - open source web-based EMR for mental health written in Perl, licensed under the GPL. Also available as a hosted service.

Source: Wikipedia
17   Link   FreeMedForms
FreeMedForms - open source (c++/Qt4.5) highly dynamic EMR. FreeMedForms is released under the BSD license and is intended to be fully internationalized.

Source: Wikipedia
18   Link   FreeMED
FreeMED is a practice management and electronic and computer records system. It allows the tracking of medical data, in detail, with preservation not just of the diagnosis but the reasons for medical encounters. FreeMED is released under the GPL

Source: Wikipedia
19   Link   GNUmed
GNUmed is a WxPython application that uses PostgreSQL.

Source: Wikipedia
20   Link   FFEHR
FFEHR Free Feathers Electronic Health Record - EHR application developed using the Mozilla programming framework. FFEHR can run independently or within the Firefox browser.

Source: Wikipedia
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