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Health informatics training program
16.08.2010 - 16.08.2010
Baltimore, USA -
Training Program


The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management, in close collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and School of Nursing, announce the initiation of a new health informatics training program commencing in August 2010.


The goal of the program is to offer training in methods and concepts of health informatics and health information technology for application to public health. It is designed for working public health professionals who wish to develop and area of expertise or specialization in this area.  

This new certificate program is available completely online

Specifically, students who complete the Certificate in Public Health Informatics will be able to:

- Articulate the strategic direction for public health informatics within an organization
- Articulate the proper informatics management tools for the organization
- Match data standards to their proper use within the organization
- Identify information and data needs of projects or program users and stakeholders with the organization
- Describe the information system development, procurement and implementation needs that meet the public health program needs within the organization
- Evaluate information systems and applications
- Strategically integrate clinical health, environmental risk and population health informatics need within the organization
- Implement solutions that assure confidentiality, security and integrity while maximizing the availability of information for public health use.

Public Health Informatics Certificate Application Deadlines:

The Certificate in Public Health Informatics will enroll 2 cohorts for the 2010-11 academic year.

- The first cohort will begin on August 16, 2010 with the non-credit “Introduction to On-line Learning” course; the application deadline for consideration for this cohort is July 30, 2010.

- The second cohort will begin on January 18, 2011 with the non-credit “Introduction to On-line Learning” course; the application deadline for consideration for this cohort is December 29, 2010


Baltimore, USA


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