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Best Practices Contest

Join our virtual event on on May 29, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. Washington, DC, time, to find out the winners of the contests! To participate in the event, enter here:

The Best Practices Contest will recognize activities or articles on best practices that have helped to reduce maternal mortality in the Americas from which lessons can be learned that can be replicated in different contexts in the Region. The National and Regional Contest on Best Practices will issue awards for articles or activities that have documented the effective translation of knowledge into interventions that result in lower maternal mortality.

In other words, the actions should consist of documented practices or activities that are both safe and effective and can be replicated and implemented. Best practices should be supported by a sufficient number of robust studies, and ideally, backed by systematic literature reviews.

The contest will recognize the following categories:

A) Community Experiences: Community practices or experiences demonstrating a reduction in maternal mortality, whose outcomes have not been published in scientific studies but that include evidence-based interventions

B) Experiences Documented in Scientific Publications: Experiences documented in scientific Publications and supported by scientific evidence:

     B1) Practices coordinated at the municipal or community level

     B2) Practices coordinated by an institutional health entity or service

     B3) Practices and policies coordinated at the departmental, city, state, or national level

The regional winters of the Best Practices contest in each participating country will win the following:

a.         Municipal or community level: $3,000

b.         Institution or health care provider: $3,000

c.         National, departmental, state or city level: $3,000

Submissions must be sent online, using this form

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