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About the Disease Prevention and Control in Jamaica, September 2010
Monday, 17 August 2009 13:34

PAHO’s mission with regard to disease surveillance and management is to promote, coordinate and implement technical cooperation activities that are technically sound and appropriate for the culture and society directed to the prevention, control and elimination of chronic and non communicable diseases and zoonoses.

Specifically, PAHO’s work in this area is geared towards:


  • Strengthening country capacity for disease surveillance, data analysis and interpretation for decision making.
  • Building country capacity for outbreak preparedness and response
  • Health promotion targeting risk factors for major communicable and non communicable diseases through policy development and support to implementation of healthy lifestyles programmes
  • Training health personnel in the use of guidelines for diagnosis and management of major communicable and non communicable diseases including malaria, TB, dengue, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases
  • Strengthening partnerships with Government institutions and private organizations to prevent violence and reduce its impact on health

With regard to non communicable diseases which now account for a higher rate of disease morbidity and mortality in the Region of the Americs, PAHO supports countries in the following areas:


  • Strengthening and implementing context specific, resource sensitive, sustainable strategies to narrow gaps in the management of diabetes and hypertension.
  • Strengthening and/or reorientation of health systems to optimally manage chronic diseases and their risk factors
  • Fostering the development, dissemination, and implementation of integrated, evidence-based guidelines and protocols for the prevention and control of chronic diseases and their risk factors
  • Fostering the development and improvement of competencies in the health workforce to appropriately and effectively manage chronic disease prevention and control
  • Facilitating the creation and utilization of health information systems for adequate patient and programme management and evaluation, as an integrated part of the surveillance system
  • Empowering self-management among people with chronic conditions and their families Ensuring improved access to technologies and essential medicines for chronic disease and risk factor management
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