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Selected PAHO JAMAICA Activities in June 2011
Friday, 05 August 2011 08:44

Field Testing Immunization Data Management Tool for Jamaica

Sample ImageIn November 2010, representatives from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), PAHO, WHO, and the Ministry of Health participated in an evaluation of Jamaica’s immunization monitoring system, using a methodology known as the immunization Data Quality self-Assessment. Arising out of this evaluation, CDC developed a data management tool for Jamaica.

Front (picture): Dr. Chun-won Lee: CDC, Ms. Kristin Brown: CDC. Dr. Carolina Danovaro, PAHO; Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell; Ms Ivonne Webber-Bryan: MCH.

Back (Picture): Mr. Adrian Booth: SERHA; Mr. Calvin Gooden: MOH; Dr. Michele Roofe: MOH; Mr. Everton Kidd: PAHO; Dr. ivonne Munroe: MOH.

From 7-9 June 2011, Dr. Chung-won Lee and Ms. Kristin Brown from CDC, as well as Dr. Carolina Danovaro from PAHO Washington, visited Jamaica to field test the current version of the tool in collaboration with Ministry of Health officials. The tool is now being finalized by CDC based on the feedback from the field test.

World Blood Donor Day

Sample ImageOn 14 June 2011, countries worldwide celebrated World Blood Donor Day with events to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. The PAHO/WHO Jamaica country office was pleased to collaborate with the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Ministry of Health in its activities recognising the efforts of all those in Jamaica to provide safe blood and blood products.

The theme for this year for the Region of the Americas was “More Blood Donors, More Healthy Lives”.  Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer said this theme reinforced the urgent need for more people to become life-savers by volunteering to donate blood regularly.  According to Minister Spencer, Jamaica needs to increase blood collection urgently and in particular to increase voluntary donations so that it can have a steady, adequate and safe supply of blood.  Today, 62 countries have blood transfusion services based entirely on voluntary blood donation, up from 39 in 2002.  In the Region of the Americas only Canada, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Suriname and the United States have 100% voluntary blood donation. 

Nursing Clinical Instructor Program

The UWI School of Nursing, Mona (UWISON) is the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development in the Caribbean.  PAHO approved a ‘techncial cooperation among countries’ (TCC) project between UWISON and Guyana to build the capacity of Guyana’s nursing clinical instructor program. From 27-29 June 2011, UWISON officials meet with officals from Guyana and the Jamaica Ministry of Health to initiate discussions on the content of the manual and other instructional aids required for the formation of such personnel at the undergraduate level.   It is envisaged that a training manual and other instructional aids will be finalized by the end of September 2011.  In October, UWISON officials will then conduct a theoretical-practical workshop in Guyana for teachers of nursing to guide the implementation of Clinical Instructor Training Program in Guyana.  Lastly, UWISON will return to Guyana to monitor the development of a practical workshop in Guyana with students, to assess the application of the manual by the professors of nursing.

Launch of Manual “Standard Definitions of Vital Statistics and Vital Events & Standards for Calculations of Vital Statistics"

Sample ImageJamaica’s Prime Minister the Honourable Bruce Golding officially launched the manual Standard Definitions of Vital Statistics and Vital Events & Standards for Calculations of Vital Statistics on Tuesday, June 28, 2011. The manual, which is the first of its kind within the Caribbean region, is intended to contribute to the standardization and harmonization of some of the components of the Jamaican Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems by providing a set of uniform definitions and standards. 

The launch was an event of the Vital Statistics Commission which was established in 2003 and charged with ensuring that the Jamaican civil registration and vital statistics systems produce valid and reliable statistics that meet international standards.  The manual examines three specific areas: standardized definitions of vital events and related data items; standards and principles for a national vital statistics system; and statistical formulas used in calculating vital statistical rates and ratios. It is intended for use by all components of the Jamaican civil registration and vital statistics systems.  At the Launch and in the Manual, PAHO was thanked for its collaboration in the development of the manual as well as dedication to providing sound technical advice to the Vital Statistics Commission.

Core Health Data for 2011

The Ministries of Health in Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Bermuda updated their core health data for 2011.  The Regional Core Health Data Initiative is a mandate of PAHO Member States (XL Directing Council of PAHO, Resolution CD40.R10, 1997). The objective of this Initiative is to expand the capacity of Member States in collecting, validating, and systematically analyzing health information.  To improve the efficiency of data and information entry, as well as data validation and management, PAHO introduced a newly developed online data entry/validation tool.

Immunization 2010 Data

The Ministry of Health of Jamaica submitted its Immunization 2010 data using the PAHO-WHO/UNICEF Joint Reporting Form. The data will be used by UNICEF/WHO to prepare coverage estimates for the use of the general public and several agencies and donors including the Millennium Challenge Cooperation and the GAVI Alliance.  In addition, the data will facilitate the publication of the annual brochure Immunization in the Americas to be distributed during the PAHO Directing Council in September 2011.

Reproductive Health Strategy Meeting

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund is approaching the end of its fourth programme of assistance of the Caribbean (2007-2011).  As such, UNFPA invited stakeholders including PAHO to participate in their Country Strategy Meetings geared towards identifying key issues to be addressed in UNFPA’s priority programme areas in Jamaica and strategies that should be utilized in implementing the programme. The Health Systems and Services Advisor of the PAHO Jamaica country office attended the Reproductive Health Strategy meeting held on 29 June 2011 which focused on issues relating to adolescent sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention among most-at-risk populations.

PAHO Leaders in International Health Program Edmundo Granda Ugalde (LIHP) 2011

Discussions continue with the two individuals participarting in LIHP 2011 from Jamaica – Tazhmoye Crawford and Rudolph Stevens – on their proposed country projects which are to be fully implemented over the next several months.  Participants continue to participate in twice weekly discussions on international and global health topics.

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