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Vaccine preventable diseases

Vaccination - an Act of Love
2012-05-04 11:49:24

20 April 2012 | KINGSTON/JAMAICA –


Starting on 21 April 2012, the World Health Organization is uniting countries across the globe for a week of vaccination campaigns, public education and information sharing under the umbrella of World Immunization Week. In 2003, the first Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA) was observed and its tenth anniversary will be celebrated from 21-28 April 2012. During the last 9 years, VWA has grown to become the largest multi-country health effort in the Western Hemisphere, with participation of all countries and territories in the Americas and more than 350 million individuals vaccinated under the initiative’s framework. Working together, countries and territories in the Americas have been on the global forefront in the eradication and elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccination Week is an opportunity to underscore the importance of immunization in saving lives. The theme of this year’s Vaccination Week is “Vaccination: an Act of Love – For you, for me, for everyone: Get vaccinated”.

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