The National Health Policy and Strategic Plan of the Cayman Islands

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Monday, 14 May 2012 14:45

Cayman Islands - May 2012,

The National Health Policy and Strategic Plan of the Cayman Islands is being developed with technical assistance from PAHO/WHO through the “Strengthening the integration of the British and Dutch Overseas Caribbean Territories within the wider Pan Caribbean framework” (ECOCT) project.  At the request of the Ministry of Health, PAHO/WHO facilitated the conduct of a national stakeholders’ meeting from 3-4 May 2012 to develop the national health policy and strategic plan for the Cayman Islands.

The Hon. Mark Scotland, Minister of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture gave the address during the opening ceremony of the meeting. As well, The Hon. Mike Adam, Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing attended the meeting. Ms. Marilyn Entwistle, Health Systems and Services Advisor in the PAHO/WHO Jamaica office, gave the greetings on behalf of PAHO/WHO. The meeting was well attended with wide inter-ministerial and inter-sectorial representation at the meeting from Health, Agriculture, Professional Councils, NGOs such as the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Insurance Companies, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Dr. Hedwig Goede has been contracted by PAHO/WHO Jamaica to work with The Cayman Islands to facilitate preparation of the National Health Policy and Strategic Plan. It is envisaged that the Policy and Plan will be finalized by the end of June 2012.

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