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Strategic Alliances

Creation of an Alliance Council

The Strategic Alliance is the relationship between the ministers of health, education, labor, environment, and agriculture. Its purpose is to promote and strengthen development of an intersectoral framework that contributes to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), provides inspiration for the health in the Americas agenda, and proposes joint actions to improve the health of peoples within a broad framework of development.

One Alliance, many ambitions:

The Strategic Alliance was created in response to the mandate articulated during the 45th Directing Council 56th Session of the Regional RESOLUTION CD45.R3 , (p.2, sect. d). A consensus was made to foster partnerships that promote the achievement of the MDGs in sub-regional political and economic forums in order to strengthen Member States' commitment to health and social development with shared responsibility. The Alliances also responds to the mandate articulated at the 4th Summit of the Americas, Declaration and Plan of Action “Creating Jobs to Fight Poverty and Strengthen Democratic Governance”.

In the 47th Directing Counsel: 58th Secession of the Regional Committee the Strategic Alliance members stresses the intersectoral approach within the framework of the social, economic, environmental, and cultural determinants that affect the health of the population. The alliance between the ministers is important for the Pan American Health Organization, because it emphasizes that the living conditions of the most vulnerable inhabitants of the Americas can only be improved when the different ministries and sectors work together.

Throughout the summit several important questions are raised: How can the different sectors and agencies jointly take up the challenge of the MDGs in the Americas? What role does the health sector play in promoting development? How can intersectoral work be carried out in the poorer municipalities in the Region?

Strategic Alliance of the Four Sectors
The Strategic Alliance of the four sectors (Health, Labor, Education, Environment )  is one of  PAHO's strategies designed to address the complex efforts necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in the region. By tackling challenges through a multi-sector approach, and combining the efforts of the hemisphere's Ministers of Health, Education, Labour, and Environment, multi-dimensional issues such as workers health and safety are addressed. This alliance is possible through the cooperation of the Pan American Health Organization and the Organization of American States.

PAHO's Strategic Alliance Partners