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PALTEX selects its textbooks from commercial publishers, governmental and nongovernmental institutions, and independent authors. Furthermore, it selects books and technical manuals that are part of the projects of technical cooperation and activity program approved by PAHO.

The acceptance of a book or manuscript is based on a process of evaluation carried out by the Human Resources Development Unit with the intervention of experts of the Region and of PAHO.

PALTEX also includes non-print materials.  Basic diagnostic and dental instruments are available, such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, oto-ophthalmoscopes, basic surgery kits, and dental handpieces and other hand instruments. 


How to submit a book/manuscript for technical evaluation and possible inclusion in PALTEX?


The author, publishing house, or institution sends the book or manuscript through a request written to the Office of PAHO/WHO in the country, to the attention of PALTEX, proposing its inclusion. The offices of PAHO in the country sends the book/manuscript, accompanied by a Form of Inclusion directly to the Human Resources Development Unit for its registry and later evaluation.

The Human Resources Development Unit channels the text for its evaluation toward the technical unit or expert professionals who act as revisers. Finalized the review, the Human Resources Development Unit communicates the result through a memorandum.

The Human Resources Development Unit evaluates the book values/production, confirms the demand, reports the result of the technical evaluation to the Office of PAHO in the country or to the respective Technical Unit, and determines its purchase or inclusion.


Which is the frame of reference for the selection of materials?


Among the criteria for selecting materials for distribution through PALTEX are high technical and instructional quality, consonance with PAHO program priorities and a user demand sufficient to justify production of economic quantities.


Profile of utilization of the material


The materials that PALTEX includes are undergraduate textbooks, as well as graduate-level exclusively in the field of public health. Its utilization should be preferably at regional or subregional level in order to take advantage of economies of scale, essential aspect for the sustainability of the Program.

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