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PALTEX serves its participating institutions by providing an opportunity for their students, faculty and other health workers in training or in service to purchase textbooks and other instructional materials at prices about 40-50% lower of the normal commercial price.


Furthermore, it publishes the low-cost materials in the aspects of primary health care and continuing education that the commercial publishing houses in Latin America do not cover adequately.


Furthermore, it publishes materials at low cost in aspects of primary health care and continuing education which commercial publishers in Latin America have not yet begun to cover adequately.  Students and health workers gain access to books of region-wide interest and usefulness by Latin American authors which they might not otherwise have been able to obtain in their own countries.  


Currently, PALTEX offers in its catalog a broad range of 616 books, 56 medical instruments of basic diagnosis, 18 dental instruments, and 15 anatomical models.


Participation in PALTEX also permits the institution to take part in the continuing analysis and refinement of curricula and teaching methodology that the selection process involves.  It gives school and other health services personnel an opportunity to exchange ideas with their counterparts and to help create the kinds of educational materials they feel would be most suitable for local conditions.


How can a health institution become a partner in the PALTEX network system?

Two mechanisms of participation are available to interested accredited teaching institutions: direct purchase, or sales on consignment.


1. Direct purchasing: According to the sale terms established by PAHO, the institution simply pays for the materials upon receipt; special quantity discounts are sometimes available. 


2. Participation in the PALTEX network system: It is required that the institution interested in receiving the materials on consignment signs a memorandum of understanding with PAHO, in which the institution agrees to receive and sell stocks of materials on consignment, assuming the cost and responsibility of the local sales operation.  



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