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PALTEX is a collaborative effort of several counterpart agencies: PAHO, IDB, PAHO Member Governments, commercial publishers, universities, and other institutions that train or employ health workers. 



Pan American Health Organization 


PAHO administers PALTEX at Regional level.   Under its infrastructure PAHO is responsible for all decisions and actions related to technical aspects and management of many administrative financial aspects of the program, selecting and editing textbooks and instructional materials, and for organizing and implementing the promotion program. PALTEX relies on the established PAHO administrative framework for clearing international shipments of materials and for accounting and crediting sales proceeds to PALTEX. PAHO accepts payment in each country’ local currency and credits to PALTEX an equivalent amount of US$ at prevailing rates of exchange, using the local currency to meet normal field office operating expenses.

 Furthermore, PAHO supervises the local network of 520 participating institutions that they distribute the materials of PALTEX, ensuring the timely collection of money and controlling the inventory.



Inter-American Development Bank


Program operations are financed through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) granted in 1971, and a second loan made in 1979 provided $5 million to expand PALTEX to other disciplines (nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nutrition, public health, health administration, and environmental health) and types of material, and to health workers in general.


PAHO Member Governments  


The PAHO Member Governments cooperate by signing agreements with PAHO that allow PALTEX to operate in each country. The materials are exempt from all national taxes, including customs duties, and the governments participate with PAHO in evaluating program activities.


Commercial publishers


Commercial publishers see the PALTEX Program as an important channel to distribute and promote their books, and it represents an income that otherwise would not have it.  


Health institutions


 Latin American universities and other health institutions sign an agreement with PAHO to receive material on consignment, and sell it. They provide part-time clerks, physical facilities and faculty coordination to administer the sales operation to the final purchaser/user.

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