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Brochures and Flyers






icon Young Professionals for the MDGs Flyer (English) 

icon Young Professionals for the MDGs Brochure (English)



Country Booklets






Faces, Voices, and Places Brochure/Folleto de Rostros, Voces y Lugares   

icon FVP Methodology: English

icon RVL Metodología: Español 



icon FVP Booklet: Anguilla/Folleto de RVL: Anguilla

icon FVP Booklet: Brazil/Folleto de RVL: Brasil

icon FVP Booklet: Cuba/Folleto de RVL: Cuba



icon FVP Booklet: Dominica/Folleto de RVL: Dominica

icon FVP Booklet: Dominican Republic/Folleto de RVL: Republica Dominicana

icon FVP Booklet: El Salvador/Folleto de RVL: El Salvador




icon FVP Booklet: Grenada/Folleto de RVL: Grenada

icon FVP Booklet: Guatemala/Folleto de RVL: Guatemala

FVP Booklet: Guyana/Folleto de RVL: Guyana



icon FVP Booklet: Honduras/Folleto de RVL: Honduras

icon FVP Booklet: Panama/Folleto de RVL: Panamá

icon FVP Booklet: Montserrat/Folleto de RVL: Monserrat









— Faces, Voices, and Places: A Community-based Response to the Millennium Development Goals


— Strategic Alliance for the Attainment of the Development Goals of the United Nations Millennium Declaration


CD45/8 and CD45/8, Corrig. 1
Millennium Development Goals and Health Targets




Conjunto Palmeiras vai fazer ações sociais

PAHO/CEPAL Faces, Voices, and Places Community Brochures 

Health Canada's Health Policy Research Bulletin




PAHO Press Release

PAHO/CEPAL Regional Sub-National Vulnerability Atlas 



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