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Millennium Development Goals - Consultation Process

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Post 2015 Development Agenda and the Consultation Process

The World We Want ( is a movement begun by the United Nations and Civil Society to encourage people from around the world to contribute their vision of an overall plan to build a just and sustainable world for the future.  In order to do this, the United Nations is planning a series of thematic and national consultations, as well as consultations of experts and a High-Level Panel that will advise the Secretary General in the creation of a Post 2015 Development Framework, to help shape the Post 2015 Agenda.  The World We Want 2015 Website is an accessible, shared virtual space in which people from all sectors, including civil society, government, the private sector, and underrepresented individuals themselves, can contribute to the dialogue about what should be included in the Post 2015 Development Agenda.  

In addition, PAHO has created a similar web platform,, to serve as a virtual space in which issues specific to the Americas can be discussed.  Pages have been created with detailed information (including a Background, Consultation Points of Contact, Relevant Literature) about each of the 11 thematic consultations (Inequalities, Health, Food Security and Nutrition, Energy, Governance, Education, Conflict and Fragility, Water, Growth and Employment, Environmental Sustainability, and Population Dynamics), as well as the 11 national consultations in the region (Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Haiti, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, Santa Lucia, Ecuador, and Guatemala).  An online consultation for issues specific to the Americas is also being planned to begin soon on  




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