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Guiding Principles of FVP

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  • Revisit the experiences of Alma-Ata, with an emphasis on a community approach and health promotion, to achieve the MDGs by 2015
  • Address the multidimensional challenges posed by poverty and the impact of social and economic determinants of health.
  • Move towards the achievement of the MDGs by improving health and development in the least visible, marginalized communities.
  • Work towards eliminating health inequities within countries 
  • Be a Catalyst for change, revitalizing and coordinating the joint efforts of political leaders, community leaders and residents, nongovernmental organizations, international agencies, and the international cooperation community.
  • Promote intersectoral alliances at the highest political level to prioritize attention to and investment in the most vulnerable municipalities. 


Faces, Voices and Places aims to RESPECT:

Respond to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable communities from the perspective of the social determinants of health

Elevate the values of equality and Pan Americanism

Synchronize efforts and unify actions and the will to achieve the MDGs

Promote the objectives of public health: people and territories

Emphasize rights and responsibilities, to ensure sustainable development

Consolidate the power of advocacy for the most vulnerable

Transition from a focus on poor countries to a focus on people living in poverty

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