El Salvador

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Located on the Pacific coast of the Central American isthmus, El Salvador is the region's smallest country and has a population of 6,071,774. The country suffered through a decade long devastating civil war that ended in 1992. That year El Salvador initiated a new era of peace with the signing of an accord between the government and the leftist guerillas putting an end to the bloody civil war. Under the agreement a set of reforms were approved and democracy was entrenched as the country's main form of social change. Since its emergence from civil war, El Salvador has made remarkable progress in the economic, social and political fronts. Since then, repeated earthquakes, hurricanes and social problems have brought new challenges to this tiny nation. The economy of El Salvador today is more deregulated and diversified than before, less reliant on agriculture, and is developing strong service and manufacturing sectors. Over the last decade there was a marked increase in the standards of living and poverty declined. Net enrollment in primary education increased by close to 10 percentage points, infant mortality declined by 40 percent, population without access to safe water was halved and extreme poverty was reduced by half. According to El Salvador's National MDG report, the country is well positioned to meet most of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals ahead of schedule. However the report also states that in order to reach all of the goals a lot of work remains to be done. Some of the suggestions issued in the MDG report include: making the MDG a priority in nationals politics, to make all Salvadorans aware of their importance, and to give priority to these objectives in social, economic and environmental politics as well as in the national budget.

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Santo Tomás

Rosario De Mora


Santiago Texacuangos & Panchimalco


Villa Centenario Ops (San Salvador)

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