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In early 2008, the Director extended the commitment of Faces, Voices and Places to the "Transnational Territories", identified this way because they concentrate enormous wealth in terms of indigenous language, culture and rich biodiversity, but ironically, their inhabitants live in extreme poverty.

In 2009, work began in three municipalities of the Gran Chao Sudamericano in the most underserved communities of Laguna Blanca, Formosa, Argentina; Cuarirenda, Snta Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, and Machareti Marisal Estigarribia Paraguay.  

These communities who are in a vulnerable condition with regards to health and nutritional emergency, identified and expressed their needs and prioritized them in the five key areas of local development that synthesize the millennium development goals in the five areas of local development: 1) production and nutrition, 2) education, 3) empowerment of women ad indigenous peoples, 4) health, and 5) environment.