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Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS)

Fact Sheets
2007 Guayaquil GSHS FactSheet (Spanish)
2007 Quito GSHS FactSheet (Spanish)
2007 Zamora GSHS FactSheet (Spanish)


Data and Documentation
The GSHS data is made available to the public two years after releasing the GSHS Fact Sheet. The GSHS data set includes students' responses to the core GSHS questionnaire modules. Data from core-expanded questions and country-specific questions will not be made public. No school or student identifiers will be included in the public use data set. PAHO/WHO recommends lead authors planning to do secondary analysis of the GSHS data base to contact the GSHS country coordinator and notify CDC of their intent, to help avoid duplication of analytic ideas.
Guayaquil                 Quito                        Zamora                   
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Countries with GSHS Results

anguilla Anguilla GUATEMALA Guatemala
antigua Antigua and Barbuda                       guyana Guyana       
argentina Argentina blank Haiti
blank Aruba honduras Honduras
blank Bahamas jamaica Jamaica
barbados Barbados blank Martinica
belize Belize blank Mexico
bolivia Bolivia MONTSERRAT Montserrat
blank Bermuda nicaragua Nicaragua
blank Brazil blank Panama
BRITISH_VIRGEN_ISLANDS British Virgin Islands blank Paraguay
blank Canada peru Peru
CAYMAN-ISLANDS Cayman Islands blank Puerto Rico
chile Chile st-christopher Saint Kitts and Nevis
colombia Colombia st-lucia Saint Lucia
costa-rica Costa Rica blank Sint Maarten
blank Cuba st-vincent Saint Vincent and the Granadines
blank Curaçao surinam Suriname
dominica Dominica trinitad Trinidad and Tobago
blank Dominican Republic blank Turks and Caicos
ecuador Ecuador blank United States of America
el-salvador El Salvador blank Vírgin Islands of the USA
blank French Guiana uruguay Uruguay
grenada Grenada venezuela Venezuela
blank Guadaloupe