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Let's Break a New Handwashing Record on October 15th.

Every year on October 15, countries around the world cellebrate and promote one of the most cost-effective health interventions: hand washing with water and soap. PAHO, in collaboration with the Global Handwashing Day partners, and the ountries of the Amricas are calling students and local institutions to break a new World Guinness Record on handwashing. Our goal this year is to have over ONE MILLION people washing their hands at the same time, in multiple locations, on Tuesday October 15th. Would you like to join?

PAHO's Director Acknowledged Authorities and Schools in Peru for Their Contribution in Establishing a Guinnes Record on Hand Washing

2012.03-per-roses-ghdThe Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Mirta Roses recognized Peru for its contribution to the Guinness record on hand washing, as the country that most contributed to achieving the Guinness record for the Americas region, with 604,246 students washing their hands at the same time in multiple locations.

Peru, Mexico, and Argentina Lead the Region of the Americas to Break the Guinness Record on Hand Washing

2011.10.14-MEX-ghd01The Region of the Americas set a new Guinness World Record, achieving the most people to wash their hands simultaneously in several locations. Peru, Mexico, and Argentina, in that order, were the countries that brought together the most people to beat this record, which was reported by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) on 14 October of this year on Global Handwashing Day.

New Guinness Record on Hand Washing: 740.870


740,870 is the new Guinness record for the number of people washing their hands in multiple locations in the Region of the Americas. The record was set on October 14, 2011 to mark the Global Handwashing Day. The contributions by country were as follows:

Peru: 604,246
Mexico: 134,790
Argentina: 1,834

Massive response of the schools in Peru during the Global Hand Washing Day

Los países de las Américas celebraron el día 15 de octubre el Día Mundial del Lavado de Manos. La respuesta masiva de cientos de miles de escolares fue motivada con el llamamiento, realizado por la OPS y el Partenariado Público-Privado para el Lavado de Manos (PPPHW), para romper el Récord Guinness del número de escolares que se lavan las manos al mismo, establecido en Bangladesh en 2009.