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Health and Tourism Forum 2007

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file icon Organización del Tratado de Cooperación Amazónica-OTCAhot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 177

El Tratado de Cooperación Amazónica (TCA) fue firmado el 3 de Julio de 1978 por Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Perú, Suriname y Venezuela.

La Secretaría Permanente fue establecida en Brasilia en Diciembre de 2002

  • Ocupa 40% de Sudamérica Contiene la mayor biodiversidad del mundo
  • Reserva del 20% de agua dulce del planeta
  • Uno de los reguladores del clima a nivel global
  • Mas de 400 grupos étnicos

file icon Tendencias del turismo internacional: Enfoque en América hot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 535

  • 800+ millones de turistas en el 2006
  • 700+ mil millones de dólares a la economía mundial en el 2006 Relevancia del sector
  • –Inversiones públicas y privadas
  • Diversificación de destinos y productos
  • –1950: 90% de los turistas se dirigía a 15 países europeos, EEUU y Canadá
  • –2005: sólo el 58% elige esos destinos
  • América Latina ha venido creciendo por encima de la media mundial

file icon Health & Tourism The Perspective of the Federation of Tour OperatorsTooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 89

We provide 16 million package holidays every year in more than 51 countries, 700 resorts, and 7,000 hotels

file icon HEALTH AND TOURISM CONCEPT PAPERhot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 195

This paper explores the issue of tourism, health and environment as a subject that connects the largest sector in the global economy with the issues of health/social capital, and environmental conservation

file icon Interaction of Health & Tourism: Cross-Cutting Issues Impacting Education & Traininghot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 419

•“Panelists’ consensus on the many issues that involve health and tourism additionally point to the need of establishing this area as a special branch of academic pursuit, and one requiring greater attention. Developing situations where health and tourism professionals can collectively approach problems would be clearly a step in the right direction!”
•The notion of “health” is endemic to both the demand and supply side of the tourism/health equation; ICT could better assist in defining consumer wants in “safe” travel destinations, and also assist in in better monitoring of health issues related to travel; Destinations can benefit from a type of tourism that gives respect to those who are paying the dollars by providing quality and healthful environments. . . this, in turn, creates a better health environment for local residents; In sum, tourism and health, involves both a supply side and demand side investigation. What works for the tourism or health sector is not always appropriate for the host population. BUT, generally, there are beneficial outcomes.

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