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Health and Tourism Forum 2007

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  • Órgano subsidiario del SICA, su propósito principal es promover y apoyar el proceso de integración turística regional. §
  • Se crea en 1965 en el marco de la ODECA.

  • Se integra por los ministros de turismo de Belice, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá.

  • En 1998, la Secretaría de Integración Turística SITCA se instala en la SG-SICA en San Salvador, como Secretaría Técnica del CCT y Dirección de Turismo del SICA.
file icon Tendencias del turismo internacional: Enfoque en América hot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 538

  • 800+ millones de turistas en el 2006
  • 700+ mil millones de dólares a la economía mundial en el 2006 Relevancia del sector
  • –Inversiones públicas y privadas
  • Diversificación de destinos y productos
  • –1950: 90% de los turistas se dirigía a 15 países europeos, EEUU y Canadá
  • –2005: sólo el 58% elige esos destinos
  • América Latina ha venido creciendo por encima de la media mundial

file icon Interaction of Health & Tourism: Cross-Cutting Issues Impacting Education & Traininghot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 420

•“Panelists’ consensus on the many issues that involve health and tourism additionally point to the need of establishing this area as a special branch of academic pursuit, and one requiring greater attention. Developing situations where health and tourism professionals can collectively approach problems would be clearly a step in the right direction!”
•The notion of “health” is endemic to both the demand and supply side of the tourism/health equation; ICT could better assist in defining consumer wants in “safe” travel destinations, and also assist in in better monitoring of health issues related to travel; Destinations can benefit from a type of tourism that gives respect to those who are paying the dollars by providing quality and healthful environments. . . this, in turn, creates a better health environment for local residents; In sum, tourism and health, involves both a supply side and demand side investigation. What works for the tourism or health sector is not always appropriate for the host population. BUT, generally, there are beneficial outcomes.

file icon Situation and Challenges of Health and Tourism in the Region hot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 268

  • *CTO’s Primary Objective *
  • Importance of Tourism in the Caribbean *
  • Regional Policy Context for Health, Safety and Security *
  • Health and Tourism Issues *
  • Opportunities & Challenges for Health Tourism in the Caribbean

file icon HEALTH AND TOURISM CONCEPT PAPERhot!Tooltip 12/14/2010 Hits: 196

This paper explores the issue of tourism, health and environment as a subject that connects the largest sector in the global economy with the issues of health/social capital, and environmental conservation

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