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Details for Action Plan year One

Name:Action Plan year One

General Objective:

To further a line of work aimed at incorporating health and human development priorities in policy making in the area of tourism.

Specific Objectives:

1.To study the health and environmental impact of tourism for both the tourists and the host populations.

2. To study the social impact of tourism and how it relates to the following:

2.1  Cultural perceptions of health

2.2  Children and adolescent health

2.3   Communicable diseases

2.4   Healthy working conditions

2.5  Increasing violence

2.6  Gender issues

2.7  Increasing the poverty gap

3. To review environmental concerns as they refer to water sanitation, living conditions and adherence environmental policies and regulations.

4. To explore new concerns involving emerging and reemerging infectious diseases in reference to host country and travelers in relation to:

4.1  Food and water transmission

4.2   Sexual transmission

4.3 Vector transmission

4.4 Ignorance on the part of travelers in reference to immunizations and prevailing diseases in host country.

5. To analyze the impact of tourism over the health systems of host countries:

5.1  Emergency services.

5.2   International health services

5.3  Equity gaps at the level of general population

5.4  Environment and sanitation services

6. To promote the production of scientific literature on the subject

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