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Details for Health and Tourism PAHO Concept Paper

Name:Health and Tourism PAHO Concept Paper

This paper explores the issue of tourism, health and environment as a subject that connects the largest sector in the global economy with the issues of health/social capital, and environmental conservation. The economic importance and trends in tourism are summarized; health, safety and environment (HSE) issues as related to the industry such as food safety, Legionnaires’ disease, the threat of avian flu, and environmental degradation are described; and the scope for health-medical tourism explored. Potential solutions to problems and challenges are considered, such as the standards-based Quality Tourism for the Caribbean (QTC) initiative, and key policy issues considered that arise from the above such as HSE standards, certification, access to health services, training, and information and response systems, and the need for inter-sectoral approaches and publicprivate and international partnerships to move forward in this area. This paper has the precept that profitable, sustainable tourism requires a balance between financial/economic interests, human health interests and environmental interests. Without a doubt, the three-way intersect of tourism as the major economic activity for many countries and regions, combined with health and disease issues for tourists and local populations, and environmental conservation/degradation issues, constitute an area that is in need of attention and partnership to secure more profitable and sustainable tourism.

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