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The Family and Community Health Cluster (FCH) is focused on the health and development of individuals and families today and for future generations. Our departments are united by a focus on people and address key stages of the life course.


FCH works to enhance health and development by supporting countries and partners in identifying, developing, implementing and evaluating approaches and interventions that foster healthy development across the life course and accelerate human development.

FCH works for a world in which:

Under the guiding principles of equity, gender sensitivity, human rights and in collaboration with communities and development agencies, FCH contributes to WHO's strategic directions through:

Research and development on essential interventions to promote the health of newborns, children, adolescents and adults, to facilitate the development of life-saving new vaccines against infectious diseases, to foster good sexual and reproductive health and to ensure access to adequate prevention, treatment, care and support for those in need, thus reducing excess mortality and morbidity, especially among poor or marginalized populations

Evidence-based norms and standards are generated and disseminated for prevention, treatment, care, support, and their application to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risk factors.

Surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of sexually transmitted infections, health during infancy, childhood and adolescence, sexual and reproductive health and the health of women

Advocacy and technical support for the building of normative, technical and managerial capacity in countries for the implementation of effective interventions that result in equitable and sustainable health systems

Strengthening partnerships and building consensus for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation national policies and strategies that foster an enabling policy and institutional environment.

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