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Celebration inauguration of the PAHO/WHO Suriname office

Paramaribo, October 6, 2010 (PAHO Suriname)— Today the official inauguration of the “new” PAHO / WHO Suriname office took place in the presence of Dr. Soccoro Gross. The PAHO / WHO Suriname office is again located at the Henck Arron Street No. 60, where this office was already located nine years ago. After a complete renovation of the building, the PAHO / WHO Suriname office moved in again in its “old” location.

As part of the inauguration of the “new” office various activities have been organized in the week of 4-8 October 2010. There was a press briefing held on October 5th which focused on the media with the aim to get the support of this important social group as a partner in the fight against smoking. The slogan of this meeting was: Smoking versus Health, Choose Health!

On 7 and 8 October 2010 a "Renewed Primary Health Care in Suriname" workshop, will be organized which will focus on international experiences in the renewal of Primary Health Care and the experiences in Suriname. The goal is to prepare a technical document that will provide new input to the current strategies in the field of Primary Health Care. Although Suriname has made significant progress in health care and the implementation of Primary Health Care, there remain persistent health problems in the country. This workshop focuses on supporting the Surinamese efforts to modernize and transform the way health care is provided in the country.

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