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United Nations and government stakeholders met to discuss UN plan for Suriname

On the 15 of May, representatives from various line Ministries in Suriname and the United Nations heads of agencies met to discuss the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) Action Plan. The meeting was designed to work on specific issues related to the UNDAF Action Plan Programme and the modalities for implementation, monitoring and evaluation. ‘Today’s stakeholders meeting re-affirms the commitment of the United Nations in Suriname to support the country in achieving its national goals as outlined in the Ontwikkelingsplan 2012-2016,’ highlighted Dr. Guillermo Troya, WHO/PAHO Representative, during his opening remarks. The United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2012 – 2016 was signed between the Government of the Suriname and ten UN agencies, resident and non-resident on the 15 of February 2012.  A commitment was made at the signing ceremony to put into action the UN Development Assistance Framework to ensure that the strategic priorities identified in the UNDAF are operationalized in a coherent, effective and efficient way through the UNDAF Action plan.  

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