The Clean-Up the World Campaign in Suriname

On 5 September 2011, Community leaders and environmental focal points from the Platform of Neighborhood organizations launched the Clean-Up the World Campaign in Paramaribo Suriname. This initiative is in collaboration with PAHO/WHO Suriname, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Labor, Technology and Environment, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Youth and Sports and private organizations that embraced the this campaign. The overall goal of the Campaign is the creation of safe and healthy communities by addressing environmental threats and hazards.  

The Clean-Up the World Campaign is a Global initiative currently going on in 130 countries. Proactive communities have been provided with educational materials to facilitate the self-designed activities. In Suriname, 40 community leaders and environmental focal points along with 200 volunteers will mobilize the population to implement the Campaign in 20 communities. The main activities in Suriname will be eliminating  vector breeding places, establishing  PET plastic bottles collection points in the communities (Go Green), and tree planting activities (Registry for Trees).

This Campaign can have a tremendous impact on Suriname. Due to the impact of urbanization on health, there is a need for all levels of society to work towards a clean and safe physical environment. The Campaign emphasizes the role of the community in establishing safe and healthy communities, fostering strategic alliances and partnerships for health, environment, and development. Additionally, the community-driven nature of the campaign will strengthen collective community spirit and action.

The neighborhoods involved in the Clean up the World Campaign in Suriname:

  • Wijk Ramgolam
  • wijk Pontbuiten
  • wijk Welgelegen
  • wijk Tammenga
  • wijk Sophia’s Lust,
  • wijk Mottonshoop
  • wijk Kasabaholo
  • wijk Flora A/B
  • wijk Tourtonne/Geyersvlijt
  • wijk Hannaslust
  • wijk Livorno Bernharddorp Onverwacht
  • Wijk Land van Dijk
  • wijk Ephraimzegen
  • wijk Charlesburg
  • Netwerk Lelydorp.

More information

For more information please contact:

Ms. Johanna Lakhisaran, Technical Officer, PAHO/WHO Suriname at tel. nr. 471676, ext 224 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it