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A Compilation of Green Economy Policies, Programs, and Initiatives from Around the World
2006-2010, International, Green Economy

The purpose of this compilation is to highlight examples of "Green Economy" policies, programs, and initiatives taking place around the world.
In recent years, the concept of the Green Economy has emerged as a potential remedy to some of the key market and institutional failures that characterize the conventional development model, and as a more effective pathway to advancing economic, social, and environmental goals. Green Economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development will be one of two specific themes discussed at the Earth Summit 2012 (Rio+20), the other being the institutional framework for sustainable development. While broad consensus on how to define the Green Economy is still emerging, it is nonetheless possible to survey the rapidly proliferating international landscape of case studies under the Green Economy banner and identify their contribution to sustainable development.
There are various ways to categorize these case studies – by geography, by broad sector of the economy, by policy approach (e.g., taxation, expenditure, regulation), or by type of sponsoring institution. This compilation provides information on each, but is organized primarily by sector and geography in order to illustrate the diversity of actors and approaches across the globe. Each example is categorized into one dominant economic sector, although it is recognized that many of these case studies promote Green Economy objectives in more than one sector.

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