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Evidence for antimalarial policy and access - 2009: annual report
International, Malaria

The malaria world is experiencing unprecedented momentum in new initiatives targeting malaria elimination and, eventually, eradication. This requires the packaging and scaling up of effective interventions; evidence on how combined interventions can be used at different levels of the health system; and information on knowledge gaps concerning the safety of treatment. BL9 aims at strengthening national capacity to adapt to the increased number of players and initiatives by ensuring that there is harmony and DEC leadership in priority setting in line with the Paris Declaration and the Accra1 call for action. The research priorities of this business line are synergistic with these new global initiatives and elimination goals. They inform policy through a focus on: (i) testing delivery systems to improve access to antimalarial treatment by hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations; (ii) investigations on how to scale up interventions; and (iii) studies on how to integrate malaria diagnosis and care into systems that also manage other illnesses of fever. 

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