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A working tool on City health development planning Concept, process, structure, and content
2001-2005, Europe, Urban health

City health development plans are central to phase III of the WHO Healthy Cities project in Europe. Their primary role is to provide cities with a means to build and maintain strategic partnerships for health, and to develop a platform to encourage all sectors to focus their work on health and quality of life. The city health development planning process is therefore the key tool of the healthy city project in working towards the goals and aspirations of phase III.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the concept of the plan, and to provide clear and succinct information on the planning process. It gives guidance on the structure and content of the plan document, and provides case studies describing the approach taken in a number of cities.

It includes an annex containing a checklist intended to assist cities during the preparation of their plan documents.

This document draws on a range of materials relevant to the city health development planning process. Selected points of these documents are highlighted, but the reader is referred to the original documents for further details. (Of particular relevance are two key documents published to assist in the production of city health plans in Phase II (1993–1997). These are City health planning: the framework (1) and City planning for health and sustainable development (2).) The processes described in these documents remain the basis for integrated health planning at the local level. They address the technical process of local health planning in cities, and give emphasis to issues such as community participation and the relationship to Local Agenda 21 planning. This document builds on these, and emphasizes the aspects that make city health development plans different from their predecessors, city health plans. It is therefore important to read this guidance in conjunction with the previous documents.

This document was presented as a draft working document at a business meeting of the phase-III network of Healthy Cities (1998–2002) in Horsens, Denmark in June 2000. The discussions and comments of participants at that meeting have provided the material for the finalization of this guidance.

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