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PWR/TRT and PHCO staff prepare for SP - Gender, Ethnicity and Human Rights Dialogue

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Trinidad and Tobago, 19th April, 2013. Within the visit of GDR staff, Ms. Cathy Cuellar and Esmeralda Burbano, to Trinidad and Tobago to promote the Virtual Course on Gender and Health (English version), the PAHO personnel in the country gathered on 19th April 2013 to debate the needs and priorities to strengthen the technical collaboration across programs and within the corporate responses of the Representation to, anticipate PAHO’s new strategic plan.

Drs. Bernadette Theodore Gandi, PWR,  and, Yitades Gebre,  FCH Advisor encouraged staff to actively review the health challenges and inequities in the national and regional context, focusing on new capacities and opportunities to emphasize a social determinants and human rights approach. Cathy Cuellar invited the Country Office to be a role model in taking the PAHO short courses on gender, ethnicity and human rights – equity in health is a personal, professional and organizational commitment to improve the lives of the peoples of the Caribbean and Region, she reminded.

The group studied the new organizational chart and draft outcomes and outputs for Gender, Equity, Human Rights and Ethnicity 2014-2019. A healthy discussion immediately identified the opportune possibilities to address the cross cutting themes of gender, ethnicity and human rights within the life course. The PWR/TRT is also in dialogue with the national authorities to strengthen the health sector’s capacities to generate, analyze and utilize gender and ethnic statistics in health.   


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