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CDC Disease Detective Camp, and CDC Junior Disease Detective Camp

The David J. Sencer CDC Museum is pleased to announce the 2014 summer programs: CDC Disease Detective Camp, and CDC Junior Disease Detective Camp. Both are academic day camps held at CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Identical sessions of each camp are held twice during the summer. Application to the camp is open to the public. There are no camp fees, but each camper is responsible for bringing or buying his or her lunch. See below for information about each camp, and please visit complete information, and application forms.

Please note that admission to the camps is quite competitive. Applications are ranked by an independent panel, so it is important that essays are thoughtfully written and all required components are included.

CDC Disease Detective Camp | CDC Junior Disease Detective Camp


New resources available to help consumers navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace

Due to the new health law in the United States, the process of reviewing your health insurance options, selecting a plan, and enrolling for coverage is about to change. User will be able to make a side-by-side comparison of multiple coverage options. The Marketplace will also tell the user whether he or she qualifies for lower premiums and then give them 3 ways to enroll.  Also the Health Insurance Marketplace is training information specialists to answer all of the users's coverage questions.




Datos sobre la seguridad vial en la Región de las Américas, 2013

Foto: Victor Pavarino

Se calcula que en el 2010, los traumatismos causados por el tránsito ocasionaron unas 149.992 defunciones en la Región de las Américas. La tasa de mortalidad promedio para la Región por traumatismos a causa del tránsito fue de 16,1 por 100.000 habitantes. En las subregiones, la tasa promedio de mortalidad a causa del tránsito por 100.000 habitantes varía de 10,9 a 22,1. 

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