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The History of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in the
Region of the Americas, 1635–2001

Aedes aegypti


In the effort to more fully understand the history of dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the Region of the Americas, the following three key documents were formulated and compiled:

The first document—A timeline for dengue in the Americas to December 31, 2000 and noted first occurrences (Word format: 134 KB) —is the most comprehensive of the three. It offers explicit detail on the presence of the different dengue serotypes, the important outbreaks and isolations throughout the Region, the increasing incidence of DHF in the area, and a thorough review of all official PAHO activities (and resolutions) from 1942 up to the present.

The second document is a consolidated version of the first listing countries in the region across the top and the years from 1635 to 2001 down the side (Excel, 54 KB). In this format, the user can select a year and quickly note important events or choose a country and easily review its dengue history.

The third document is an easy-to-use grid displaying the year each serotype was found in every country (Excel format: 29 KB). This allows users to readily track the movement of serotypes across both the years and the Region.