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Application and development of Geographic Information Systems in Public Health and Epidemiology

In order to acomplish the general purpose of the SIG-EPI project, that is "to strengthen the health workers' capacity for epidemiological analysis by providing efficient tools as GIS to facilitate such tasks", the Health Analysis and Information Systems (AIS) -former Special Program for Health Analysis (SHA)- of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has developed the new Website of the SIG-EPI project.

This new web page facilitates the dissemination of information related to Geographic Information Systems in Epidemiology and Public Health in the Americas, the exchange of ideas and experiences, the progress achieved and future projections in this area, and the strengthening of collaborating groups, techinical cooperation, and community of users.

The website has five sections that reflect the main components and activities of the SIG-EPI project:
Aplications of

GIS applications
in epidemiology and public health for technical cooperation and methodological development

Compiling, organizing, updating, and maintaining the cartographic and atributes digital bases to support the geographic analysis of health situation of the Americas.


New methods of spatial analysis as the implementation of GIS extensions, scripts and development of the SIGEpi Sofware

Since 1993 diverse courses/workshops on GIS applications in Public Health have been held in the majority of the countries in the Region.

Dissemination of
SIG-EPI information

To inform and promote all aspects related to the application and development of Geographic Information Systems in Epidemiology and Public Health.

Within the website there is more detailed information about SIGEpi Software and a link to the Atlas of Basic Health Indicators, 2001 (the English version is under construction). You can visit the spanish version of this Webpage at: Atlas de Indicadores Básicos de Salud 2001:

The webpage address is