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Research Grants Program


Description of the Program:

The Research Grants Program (RGP) is a special fund administered by the Research Coordination of the Pan American Health Organization, through which it facilitates the process of generating knowledge in diverse fields of public health and collaborates in strengthening the research capacity of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

What does the RGP seek?

  • To promote and support the formulation and execution of research projects aimed to solve relevant public health problems and to seek knowledge and solutions to such problems in the Region.

  • To collaborate in research training and updating the knowledge and skills of researchers and scientists in public-health fields.

  • To facilitate dissemination and utilization of research findings in the formulation of policies and in the decision-making process regarding health issues.

  • Program Initiatives

  • Graduate Thesis Grants Program in Public Health

  • Research Training Grants in Public Health

  • Multicenter Studies

    Multicenter studies are comparative studies at the regional level that deal with relevant problems in public health in Latin America and the Caribbean. They involve a collaborative effort among several academic and research centers under the auspices and technical cooperation of PAHO. In these studies, the problem and central research question is answered with a uniform methodology that is simultaneously applied in different countries of the Region. The final objective of multicenter studies is the generation of knowledge to base policies and interventions in different public health fields.

    Regional Research Competition (Calls)

    This regional level initiative is a call to submit research proposals on relevant themes in the public health field in Latin America and the Caribbean. The competition pursues to promote innovation and creativity among researchers in approaching new themes requiring a systematic research effort. The competition is issued annually, and researchers must apply in accordance with the individual terms of reference and requirements of each competition.

    Information regarding this initiative is provided in MS Word 97 and PDF format. Click "Calls" on the top-right side of the page to download each file.

    Program Guidelines and Forms

    The following guidelines and application forms are available in MS Word 97 and PDF format. Click "Guidelines" on the top-right side of the page to download each file.

  • Guidelines for writing a research potocol

  • Guidelines for writing a progress report

  • Guidelines for writing the final report and abstract

  • Template for summaries containing policy recommendations

  • Ethical guidelines for research involving human subjects

  • Approved Projects

    Information regarding the approved projects is provided in MS Word 97 and PDF format. Click "Approved Projects" on the top-right side of the page button to see such results.


    The Research Coordination seeks to disseminate methodological documents and research reports by its Research in Public Health Series (Numbers 1 to 38) and abstracts of the reports submitted by the researchers that have been grantees from the RGP.

    These technical papers are conceived as a way of disseminating, in an expeditious and timely manner, the results of investigations, that are publications not scientifically evaluated or professionally edited.

    The ideas expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Pan American Health Organization or its Member States.

    Internal Advisory Committee on Health Research (IACHR)

    The IACHR advises the Director of PAHO/WHO in the management of the Research Grants Program, as well as in the review and selection process of proposals submitted to it.

    E-mail: RGP@paho.org