BIREME’s objective is to contribute to develop the health of the population of the Americas, promoting cooperation between the countries, the democratization of access to scientific and technical information and to legislation, as well as sharing knowledge and evidence in order to support continuous improvement in health, education and research systems.

In order to attain its objectives, BIREME executes the following technical cooperation functions, included in the Regional Strategic Plan of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO):

  • Support and strengthen health information systems in PAHO Member-States;
  • Contribute to develop and strengthen public health initiatives, policies and national and regional capacities, as well as developing the necessary infrastructure for the acquisition, organization, access, publication and use of scientific information, knowledge and evidence on health processes and decision-making;
  • Contribute to develop and strengthen networks of institutions and individual producers, intermediaries and users of scientific, technical, legal and factual information in health, through the cooperative management and operation of information products, services and events in the common forum of the Virtual Health Library (VHL), in cooperation with complementary national, regional and international networks;
  • Contribute to the global development of information and communication in health sciences through partnerships, programs, networks and projects between international, regional and national institutions, with the objective of increasing visibility, access, quality and production of developing countries and regions;
  • Contribute to the development of health science and technical terminology in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French;
  • Contribute to the development of distance learning systems in the Region of the Americas, through infrastructure and training for access and dissemination of information as part of PAHO’s Virtual Campus in Public Health;
  • Support and promote collaboration between governments, health professionals, consumers, scientific institutions, international organizations and society in general, in order to establish and strengthen national health information systems, which promote continuous education and research through innovation and the application of information and communication technologies.