The 9th Meeting of the BiblioSUS Network in the state of Ceará took place on December 4th and 5th, at the headquarters of the Paulo Marcelo Martins Rodrigues School of Public Health, in Fortaleza. The event brought together researchers, managers and health professionals around the theme "Pathways of knowledge for health innovation”. The program included a keynote speech, round tables, conferences, oral presentations, awards, and cultural shows, among other actions.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss and develop strategies to consolidate the Ceará BiblioSUS network, as well as this network throughout Brazil, through the exchange of studies and experiences in the health area. The representatives of the Ministry of Health in the event were the General Coordinator of Documentation and Information, Soraya Zacarias, the Coordinator of Dissemination of Technical-Scientific Health Information, Shirlei Rodrigues, and the librarian Sandra Teixeira, responsible for the Virtual Health Library of the Ministry of Health.

Soraya Zacarias led the magna conference, giving a lecture on the BiblioSUS network and the knowledge pathways for health innovation. He stressed the importance of the meeting for the member institutions of the Network in Ceará. “This is a time to humanize our relationships, to expand our networks and strengthen the BiblioSUS network, because this is where new ideas, new paths, new ways of handling problems will arise,” stated Soraya.

Shirlei Rodrigues participated in the round table on the dissemination of health information, talking about BiblioSUS Networks and Brazil VHL. Sandra Teixeira already participated at the evaluation committee of the papers presented during the event. There was also a round table on open science, open access and open knowledge and another on mediation and information management. The meeting also received awards for the works presented and the exhibition "Memorial Leprosaria Canafistula". The traveling exhibition organized by the Antonio Diogo Community Center, one of the oldest units of the Department of Health of Ceará, gathers records, documents, photographs and objects that make up the Institution’s historical collection.

The BiblioSUS Network

The Health Cooperating Libraries and Information Network (BiblioSUS Network) was born as a project of the Ministry of Health, carried out through its General Coordination of Documentation and Information. Today it is a reality, composed of 384 information centers scattered throughout the country, 48 of them in Ceará. This number increases every year.

Libraries or health information centers, when registering on this network, receive periodically printed publications from the Ministry of Health and, at the same time, have the possibility of feeding the database of the National Collection of Information Sources of SUS (ColecionaSUS) with publications they produce. ColecionaSUS was created to be the repository of the national scientific and technical output of the Unified Health System (SUS), so it contains bibliographic material published under the SUS and is available for consultation on the Internet through the Virtual Health Library Network.

In this context, the BiblioSUS network assumes a key role as a great incentive to feed this important database. ColecionaSUS provides the members of the Network with multilateral benefits: it offers greater visibility to the cooperating institution, which now has its publications accessible to millions of VHL users; and, at the same time, allows the constant insertion of updated health information produced in the SUS.

The cooperative work carried out at the ColecionaSUS database places the institutions in a true network. Public or private institutions that have a collection of health publications can register with the BiblioSUS network. To do this, simply access http://bibliosus.saude.gov.br/.


Text by Priscila Campos – Internal Communication Team SAA/SE/MS